What is a Paper Pickup Issue?

The main functionality of a printer is to print and the paper is a very vital component of a printer for it to execute a successful print job. In case of a paper pickup issue, the HP DeskJet 2050 printer doesn’t pick up the paper from the paper tray. As a result, the printing function goes for a toss.

How to Fix Paper Pickup Issues for the HP DeskJet 2050

A paper pick-up issue may happen because of several reasons. They may be due to any of the following:

How to fix paper pickup issues for the HP DeskJet 2050

How to fix paper pickup issues for the HP DeskJet 2050

The Paper Tray of the HP DeskJet 2050 Printer is Unfilled or of Over-capacity

The printer has a paper input and output capacity. You can find these specifications in the user manual.  Not loading papers in the paper tray and likewise, overload the paper tray beyond its capacity will cause paper pickup issues. Always ensure the paper capacity of the tray is maintained as mandated.

The Tray is Broken or Not Pushed in Properly

The paper tray once loaded with paper has to be pushed in properly. Non-alignment or mal-alignment of the paper tray leads to paper pickup issues. Additionally, ensure that the tray is not in a damaged or broken state, if yes, please replace the paper tray.

The Quality of the Paper is Inferior

The inferior quality of a paper will also lead to the paper pickup issue. If the paper is very thin, oily or torn then the printer will not process it. Before placing the paper in the paper tray ensure if the paper is of good quality, clean and not torn.

The Papers Aren’t Positioned Properly

Don’t keep different sizes of paper at the same time. Position the papers appropriately before keeping them in the tray. Refer to the user manual or the printer’s carton box to know about the paper size specifications compatible with the HP DeskJet 2050. Place papers that match those specifications.

Damage in the Paper-feed Rollers

The paper feed rollers are rubber made components of the printer that helps in the paper picking up. The damaged paper-feed rollers have to be replaced immediately. Also, make sure to clean the paper-feed rollers from time to time. Over time, dust and dirt gather in the rubber rollers and it has to be removed so that the paper can be rolled for printing smoothly and fast.

The Paper Guides Not Adjusted Properly

Paper guides are clip-like structures in the paper tray; they are used for better alignment of papers and to prevent the paper from flying. You have to fine-tune the paper guides suitably, if not it may result in the paper pickup issue. Also check if the paper guides are impaired, if necessary supplant them with new ones.

The Printers Paper Settings are Different From the Paper Loaded in the Tray

Paper pickup will happen if the papers that don’t match the paper settings of HP DeskJet 2050 are placed in the paper tray. Every printer has its paper settings. The paper settings instructions will be available in the user manual that comes along with the printer at the time of purchase. Ensure that the papers placed in the tray match with the paper settings of the HP DeskJet 2050 printer else it results in paper pickup issue

The Paper Which has Jammed Earlier is Not Yet Removed

Paper pickup issue may also happen if the paper jammed earlier has not yet been removed from the HP DeskJet 2050 printer. A paper jam could happen in the input tray, output tray, the front side of the printer or the rear side of the printer. Control panel displays where the paper jam has happened in a printer. It also displays the way a paper-jam has to be fixed. Adhere to the control panel instructions and take out the jammed paper, otherwise, it may lead to a paper pickup issue.

Printer Reset is Long-due

The Paper pickup issue may crop up when the reset of a printer hasn’t happened for long. Try to reset & reboot your HP DeskJet 2050 printer. Unplugging and plugging the printer again will also aid in resolving the paper pickup issue.

Ultimately, in this blog, we saw the common scenarios causing paper pickup issue in the HP DeskJet 2050 printer and the simple ways to resolve them. Should more questions arise upon the same, please contact us to get resolutions. Please visit HP printer customer service phone number or call us @ +1-877-992-1160, to know more about fix paper pickup issues for the HP DeskJet 2050.

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