The HP Printers are the most widely sought-after printers for homes, offices and other commercial establishments. HP has, in an effort to minimize the workload and maximize efficiency, developed all-in-one printers like the InkJet and OfficeJet models.

HP while bringing together the functionality of different devices in one, and that too at affordable prices, has reduced people’s time, space and energy.

From HP customer service helpline +1-877-992-1160, you can get the support and service that you need for your HP printers. Here, you’ll see brief steps about the installation of your multipurpose HP printers.

HP Printers Setup and Installation

In the initial step of the setup, once you get the printer, remove all the packaging materials. Check for any tapes on the input or output trays and the scanner glass or lid.

Placing the HP Cartridges into Their Slots

  • Connecting the printer using the power cord to a power outlet, switch it on and wait for the cartridge carriage to move into an accessible area
  • In the succeeding step of the HP printer installation, you should insert the cartridges into the respective cartridge slots
  • Take care not to touch the copper or golden contacts on the cartridges as it might lead to bad electrical connections
  • Carefully remove the protective tape over the copper contacts of the cartridges by pulling on the colored tab
  • Now, by touching the sides of the cartridge, hold the copper contacts so that they face downwards
  • Gently push the cartridges into their slots until you hear a sharp snap indicating their placement
  • In case of dual cartridge slots, the tri-colored cartridge goes into the left side of the carriage slot
  • While on the other hand, the right carriage slot will hold the black and white ink cartridge.

HP Printer Driver Download and Installation

HP Printer Driver

HP Printer Driver

  • After placing the cartridges into the slots, the HP printer driver download should be executed
  • For your model of the printer on the official HP website, you can find this supporting HP printer driver software
  • Or you might usually find the driver installation CD along with the device that you get
  • In order to connect your HP printer to your PC or Laptop, run the file and choose a type of network connection

Establishing a Wireless Network Setup

  • After you agree to the ‘Terms and Conditions‘ by selecting the checkbox, the printer driver will install
  • Select the toggle option that says ‘Automatic Setup‘, if you want the driver to automatically recognize the network
  • If you want to manually set up the wireless network, then select the toggle option that says ‘Manual Setup’
  • Select the ‘Wireless Connection‘ option, to set the printer on a wireless network, in the succeeding prompt
  • During the next step of driver installation, the driver software will scan the printer devices on your network.
  • When you do not find your printer on the network, then you’d have to do the following
  • By going to ‘Wireless wizard setup‘ in the ‘Network Settings‘ on the printer’s touch screen, connect the printer.

Establishing a Wired Network Setup

 You should select the ‘Wired Connection‘ option during driver installation and make use of the Ethernet cable in case of a wired network connection

Establishing a ‘USB’ Connection

  • During the HP driver setup, select the ‘USB’ connection type to connect the printer directly to your Laptop or PC
  • Finally, you can finish the prompts to start scanning or printing or copying using your HP printer

The HP AirPrint Setup for iOS devices

  • Connect the Apple device that supports the AirPrint feature and the HP printer device to the same network
  • No other additional configuration is required as the iOS device will automatically detect the printer on the network
  • The HP AirPrint setup is now complete and you can begin to print your files

The HP ePrint Setup for Android Devices

  • By tapping on HP ePrint option on the touch screen or display of your printer, turn on ‘Web Services
  • When you tap ‘Print’ or ‘Print Info’ on the printer, the email address prints on a paper
  • Create an e-mail account with the e-mail ID that you got during the ePrint setup
  • The HP Google Cloud Print setup is similar in nature to the HP ePrint setup.

In case you still have queries regarding HP printer driver download, you can contact our HP customer service phone number for assistance.

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